Talks from the 4th meeting of the DFG-funded Network “Definiteness across domains” (9.-10.09.23)

Krifka & Modarresi: Incorporation and Weak Definites in Persian and German: Their Interpretation and Anaphoric Potential (pdf, video)

Renans, Campbell & Korsah: Demonstratives in Ga (pdf, video)

Sag-Parvardeh: Focus on demonstratives: experiments in English and Turkish (pdf, video)

Meier: On Differences in Kind Readings (pdf, video)

Driemel: Differential case marking in Korean: bare nouns vs. numeral classifiers and demonstratives (pdf, video)

Ebert & Hinterwimmer: Dynamic binding across modalities: some observations on German stressed and destressed pronouns (pdf, video)

le Bruyn: Reference: a Translation Mining view (pdf, video)

Aguilar Guevara & Oggiani: Non-bare proper names in Rioplatense Spanish (pdf, video)

Bombi: Before and after the noun: Spanish demonstratives and possessives (pdf, video)

Ahn & Hinterwimmer: Perspective-dependent constraints on bound readings of demonstrative pronouns and definite descriptions in German and English  (pdf, video)

Huijsmans & Reisinger: Gesture, salience, and anti-uniqueness: Surveying the landscape of referring expressions in ʔayʔaǰuθəm  (pdf, video)

Jenks: Anaphoric bare nouns without indices (pdf, video)

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