2nd meeting

The second meeting on “two types of definites” will take place at the University of Potsdam on the 15th-16th of December, 2022.

Venue: University of Potsdam Campus Neues Palais (Address: Am Neuen Palais 10), house 8, room 0.58

Lunch: at the student canteen at Campus Neues Palais. The canteen accepts only cash payments from non-students

Hotel: Mercure Potsdam Lange Bruecke, 14467 Potsdam https://goo.gl/maps/tjZMTCjeNvT2sSC56 10 min walking from Potsdam Hauptbahnhof (main station) (RE1 or S7 trains from Berlin main station)

To reach the venue from the hotel use the trains from Potsdam Hauptbahnhof (main station) RB20, RB21, RB22, RB23, RE1 (direction Golm Bhf/Brandenbuge Hpf), (just two stations) until you reach Park Sanssouci station which is 10 min walking from the venue.

Alternatively, you can take the bus 605 direction Potsdam, Science Park West from the bus stop Feuerbachstr. (15 min walking from the hotel). After six stops you arrive at Camp. Universität/Lindenallee bus stop.

Invited experts:
Dorothy Ahn, Rutgers University
Klaus von Heusinger, University of Cologne


Day 1 – 15.12.2022 (Thursday)

9:00 – Welcome (Mira Grubic, Reggie Duah, Agata Renans) [15 minutes]

9:15 – Invited talk: “What do demonstratives tell us about strong definites?” Dorothy Ahn  [1 hour]

10:15 – Coffee Break [30 minutes]

10:45 – Network Member Talk: “Demonstratives and strong definites: two ways to point to a situation” Sasha Simonenko [45 minutes]

11:30 – Network Member Talk: “Evaluative expressions influence prominence: discrete effects on two demonstrative pronouns” Stefan Hinterwimmer (based on joint work with Umesh Patil and Petra B. Schumacher)  [45 minutes]

12:15 – Lunch Break [90 minutes]

13:45 – Network Member Talk: “Definites and demonstratives in Ga” Agata Renans, Akua Campbell, Sampson Korsah [45 minutes]

14:30 – Network Member Talk: “Definiteness in Selee: A GTM language of Ghana.” Yvonne Agbetsoamedo [45 minutes]

15:15 – Coffee Break [30 minutes]

15:45 – Network Member Talk: “DEF-marking in Guébie (Kru)” Malte Zimmermann (based on joint work with Hannah Sande and Peter Jenks)[45 minutes]

16:30 – Round Table “Demonstratives” [45 minutes]

17:15 – Business meeting [30 minutes]

17:45 – End

18:30 – Dinner at TAMADA Georgische Spezialitäten

Day 2 – 16.12.2022 (Friday)

9:00 – Arrival

9:15 – Invited talk: “Evidentiality in the German article system: Weak and strong article forms in bridging contexts” Klaus von Heusinger [1 hour ]

10:15 – Coffee Break [30 minutes]

10:45 – Network Member Talk: “Situational (in)dependence and def-article choice: Evidence from Swiss German.” Cecile Meier [45 minutes]

11:30 – Network Member Talk: “Inherent vs. accidental uniqueness in bare and demonstrative NPs” Radek Simik [45 minutes]

12:15 – Lunch Break [90 minutes]

13:45 –Network Member Talk: “What resumption tells us about Ewe and Akan definites” Imke Driemel, Abigail Anne Bimpeh, Reggie Duah [45 minutes]

14:30 – Round table [45 minutes]

15:15 – Short Coffee Break [15 minutes]

15:30 – Round table [45 minutes]

16:15 – End