5th meeting

The fifth meeting with the topic clausal determiners will take place at the University of Ghana, Legon, on the 18th-20th of March, 2024.

Invited experts: Felix Ameka, Liz Coppock, Maribel Romero


DAY 1: MARCH 18, 2024

9:00-9:15Welcome introduction
9:15-10:15Invited Talk: Felix Ameka
Clause final markers-Determiners or something else? On the diversity of Clause final markers in Kwa
Chair: Reginald Duah
10:15-10:45coffee break
10:45-11:30Hasiyatu Abubakari & Yvonne Agbetsoamedo: Comparing Definiteness Marking in Kwa and Mabia Languages: Insights from Relativization, Cleft, and Topic Construction.
chair: Nadine Bade
11:30-12:15Carla Bombi, Reginald Duah, Mira Grubic and Agata Renans: Clausal determiners in Akan, Ngamo and Gã.
chair: Nadine Bade
12:15-14:15lunch break
14:15-15:00Cecile Meier: Relative clauses and article choice 
chair: Cornelia Ebert
15:00-15:45Radek Simik:  On the semantics and pragmatics of clausal demonstratives in Slavic languages
chair: Cornelia Ebert
15:45-16:15coffee break
16:15-17:00Reginald Duah & Abdul-Razak Sulemana: Bare NPs in Buli 
17:00-18:00Business meeting (until 17:45)

DAY 2: MARCH 19, 2024

9:15-10:15Invited Talk: Maribel Romero
On the reportative complementizer “que” in Spanish
chair: Mira Grubic
10:15-10:45coffee break
10:45-11:30Carla Bombi & Jeanne Lecavelier: Question embedding in Spanish and French: the definite strategy
11:30-12:15Abigail Bimpeh, Imke Driemel & Reginald Duah:  Say-complementation and the clausal determiner in Kwa
12:15-14:15lunch break
14:15-15:00Augustina Owusu: Are there real propositional determiners?
15:00-15:45Sampson Korsah: Determiners in the clausal domain: Uniting relative and temporal clauses in Gã
15:45-16:15coffee break
16:15-17:00Malte Zimmermann: The clause-final determiner nó in Akan: Its distribution and discourse function from a formal discourse modelling perspective.
17:00-18:00Invited Talk: Liz Coppock
Uniqueness, existence and familiarity

DAY 3: MARCH 20, 2024

10:30-10:45Arrival (+ coffee)
10:45-12:00Roundtable 1: Syntax of clausal determiners
12:00-14:00lunch break
14:00-15:15Roundtable 2: Semantics of clausal determiners
15:15-15:45coffee break
15:45-17:00Roundtable 3: Relation of clausal determiner to definite determiners in the nominal domain